Passing along a message to Lund Painting


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Passing along a message to Lund Painting
Written By: Joe ~ 10/15/2020


I know the weather has been a little crazy and they are still painting away. But I just wanted to pass along a message to the Lund Painting Company about they’re employee Pedro. It is not very often now a days that you see employees really take pride in their work. Pedro is that Lund Painting Co. employee! He has done a great job and is making sure that it is done right, the first time with great attention to detail. I know the rain didn’t help with his progress but he has been very nice and patient with it.

With that said, I just thought Brian should know that he has a great employee setting a great example for his company. Even though I do not own this place I will be making sure that everyone in the neighborhood along with friends and families should hire Lund Painting-period!


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Happy Customers!
Written By: Brian Lund ~ 6/2/2020

We love our happy customers!

Just a quick note to let you know of a nice gesture performed by one of the Lund workers.  We had brought in all of our deck plants but our Weber BBQ was too big for us to bring inside.  I had covered the BBQ with its regular black cover and pushed it away from the wall.  I was going to go buy some heavy plastic for an additional cover but when I looked out at our deck, someone from Lund had already placed  thick plastic over the BBQ and taped it to keep the plastic covering secure.  Very nice of them.

Bill Postle (Stella's Landing)

Thank you so much for recognizing our goals of going the extra mile for our customers, and taking the time to share your thoughts.

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Why hang cabinet doors?
Written By: Brian Lund ~ 4/3/2020

We do this to paint and dry cabinet doors vertically which accelerates painting, drying, and reduces the amount of space needed. Hanging allows us to spray all sides of the cabinet doors in one step. It is quicker and more efficient for us. The hanging doors are moved in and out of our onsite spray booth on hangers to the drying area and sanding area numerous times during the painting process. See process below:

  1. We label all doors and cabinets. We also label all hinges, shelves, etc before removing them.
  2. Sand cabinet doors thoroughly. We want to remove all imperfections from the cabinet door surface so the primer can adhere well.
  3. Clean well. We use a vacuum cleaner attachment and then a tack cloth
  4. Apply first coat of primer
  5. After primer has dried we again work on removing any additional imperfections with sanding, wood filler, and bondo
  6. Clean again same process
  7. Apply second coat of primer
  8. After primer has dried we again work on removing any additional imperfections by sanding
  9. Clean again same process
  10. Apply first coat of paint
  11. Once paint is completely dry lightly sand out any imperfections and fill joints with caulk
  12. Clean again same process
  13. Apply second coat of paint
  14. Once paint is completely dry lightly sand out any imperfections
  15. Apply third and final coat of paint. 16. Once the paint has been allowed to dry a minimum of 48 hours we can then start to rehang the cabinet doors.





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