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About LUND Painting Company

Lund Painting Inc. is a full-service family owned residential and commercial painting company.  Since 2006, we've provided the highest quality painting services, professional preparation, and application at competitive prices.

We can restore and revive your home or business giving it extended color and sealant life with our improved applications and products.  We work closely with our local product representatives, who allow us to issue and back any and all warranties or guarantees offered.

LUND Painting History

I started painting when I was 14 years old working with my basketball coach who had his own painting company.  Through this experience, I learned the detailed processes of painting interior and exterior projects.  I worked with him part time for a few seasons until I was 16 years old, at which point I started my own painting and yard maintenance company called "Top Notch Property Services".  As a young entrepreneur, I worked with multiple property management companies cleaning up yards and painting their interiors on rental turnover as well as painting the exteriors first property upkeep.  I played basketball for a traveling team that went around the country during the spring/summer time, so having a steady job wasn't in the cards.  I went to college to play basketball and each summer would come home and paint houses to earn money.  After graduating with a Business Administration degree I entered the workforce managing a swimming and pool equipment business for roughly 5 years.  I grew tired of the office and warehouse environment where my moving up in the company had reached its ceiling.

I moved on from the managing job and began painting again to support my family.  At that time I had two toddlers and a newborn who was around 9 months old.  I started to work on multiple projects at a time that I could not handle on my own so I would employ “unemployed friends or family members” to help me with tackling them including the larger residential jobs.  Soon, I was asked to do large commercial multi-family projects where I took the leap of starting what is now "LUNDPainting, Inc" in 2006.  

We are a local, family-owned business; and we look forward to working with your family.

Brian Lund, Founder