Apartment Communities


Apartment Communities

Maintaining the sharp look of an apartment community attracts tenants to your location and helps them make the decision of choosing your community as their home.  If you’re looking for an experienced company to repaint your community’s complete exterior or interior hallways/stairwells/leasing office then look no further.  Lund Painting has over 13 years of apartment painting experience with over 70 apartment community projects completed since 2006.

At LUND Painting our motto is “We paint every house like it is our own”.

Our Process Overview

We treat each apartment community like a large home while taking great care in working hand in hand with each community’s onsite management and staff to ensure the project goes as smooth as possible. We understand that one of the main goals during any large community improvement project is to keep the interruption to the community tenants lives at a minimum. We take pride in our reputation of performing high quality large community painting projects.

We have many close working relationships with local and national apartment community owners and managers. Over the past 14 years, we have earned their trust by continually serving all important aspects of the job during the painting project process. Whether you manage a single building, 200+ unit complex, a multiple building community, or a smaller number unit community, we are experienced at handling and performing the work on all. Our project managers and skilled paint teams specialize in painting apartment community projects of all shapes and sizes.

All the painters on our projects are employees of Lund painting.

We work closely with our local paint representatives to ensure that the proper preparation and highest quality products are applied to your apartment community.

I have been meaning to pass along that I think this group that is working on the building prep is the most thorough, polite, and caring group we have ever had here in my 23 years of living at Le Chardonnay. I hope we will continue to work with them.

Pat ~ Le Chardonnay, Bellevue WA

Our Painting Process

Through our many years of experience, we have continuously improved our preparation techniques and process. It is the preparation tasks that ensure all topcoats applied to your building are completed at the highest standards possible.

  1. All surfaces to be painted are washed. While pressure washing has historically been the washing standard of most painting companies, we understand that shooting high-pressure water directly at your building can cause more damage than it does good. We are careful to use low pressure to wash the home to avoid unnecessary damage.
  2. Proper preparation prior to painting your building of your building is 90% of the finished quality result.  We take the time to examine and address all bad areas of the exterior surfaces of your building , including:
    • Flaking paint
    • Cracked siding
    • Cracked trim
    • Failed caulking
    • Wood rot
    We cut out compromised and failing caulk and apply new elastomeric-caulking.  We carefully examine the building’s exterior surfaces and look for nails that have popped out or screws that have come loose. We address all areas to ensure your building is clean and tight before applying any primers or paint.
  3. The primers we use are of the highest quality and each primer is specifically chosen for the surface of application. There are numerous primers that we use, and we specify each in the estimate so the customer can clearly understand what is being done and how much it will cost them.
  4. The top coating products that LUND Painting uses on apartment buildings are of the highest quality.  We apply our products according to the product specifications and recommendations to ensure the finished product of each surface is of the highest standard possible 
  5. Upon the completion of each job, we review the project with you prior to signing off on the completed project.  We take pride in the LUND name and we do not sub our work out to other paint companies hoping they do the correct job.  The painters working on your house are always employees of LUND Painting, so our customers can be confident that the job will be done correctly.

Our project managers work closely with each job lead and check-in on the jobs during each phase of the painting process to ensure that all preparation, primers and topcoats are addressed and applied correctly.  You will always have a LUND project manager’s phone number to call directly during the project to answer all questions or concerns.

Our Guarantee

We have a workmanship guarantee of two years.  The only surfaces that we do not guarantee are horizontal surfaces such as handrails or deck floors.


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