Residential Interior Painting


Residential Interior Painting

Through years of experience we have honed our interior preparation and application processes to ensure a fabulous outcome.  We are here to listen to your needs and help find solutions to both your wants and needs.

At LUND Painting our motto is “We paint every house like it is our own”.

Our Process Overview

During our initial visit, we ask our client to identify areas they want repainted.  In doing this, a Lund painting supervisor will explain the processes and products we plan to use on the various surfaces.  Depending on the surface type and the client’s goals, these processes can vary greatly.  Because of this, our supervisors work hard to make sure the client knows:

  1. the specifics of our process for that surface,
  2. the timeframe for completing that process, and
  3. our recommendation of what product should be used. The estimate we provide will reflect this information as well.

We only use high-quality primers, sealants and topcoat products at LUND Painting.

We enjoy educating our customers and keeping them informed during the painting process.  Additionally, we offer information about how to maintain the new coat of paint on the interior of your home.  Painting the interior of your home is a complex process and can be confusing.  We are here to educate our customers and are happy to answer all questions.

Choosing Your Colors

If requested, we will help guide you through the color choosing process to find not only the colors that fit the style of your home, but colors you will love.  We understand that different homes styles look good with different color combinations. Choosing the right colors for your home can be overwhelming, so we are here to help with suggestions and show samples of colors that we have used in the past.

Our Painting Process

Preparing the interior of your home prior to applying topcoats of paint involves intricate details to ensure that the quality finishes are as good as possible. Repairing surface holes, cracks, and imperfections is an art form. At LUND Paining we employ skilled professional painters that can make almost any damaged surface look as good as new. If we cannot make it look new, then we will help find an affordable and appropriate solution to ensure the final product looks as great as you want it to look.

There are many different surfaces inside of a home. Walls, ceilings, millwork, doors, floors, and the list goes on. With each unique surface there are different preparation processes and products to apply in order to ensure high-quality finished painted surfaces. Different surfaces need different types of products and equipment in order to perform each task for desired results.

Through our many years of experience, we have continuously improved our preparation techniques and process. It is the preparation tasks that ensure all topcoats applied to your building are completed at the highest standards possible.

  1. All surfaces to be painted are washed.  We are careful to the surfaces of your home to avoid unnecessary damage.
  2. The quality of preparation prior to painting your home is 90% of the finished quality result.  We take the time to examine and address all bad areas of the interior surfaces of your home before applying the first coat.  
  3. The primers we use are of the highest quality and each primer is specifically chosen for the surface of application.  There are numerous primers that we use, and we specify each in the estimate for any further clarification the customer may want.
  4. The top coating products that LUND Painting uses on residential homes are of the highest quality.  We apply our products according to the product specifications and recommendations to ensure the finished product of each surface is of the highest standard possible. 
  5. Upon the completion of each job, we review the project with you prior to signing off the completed project.  We take pride in the LUND name and we do not sub our work out to other paint companies hoping they do the correct job.  The painters working on your house are always employees of LUND Painting, so our customers can be confident that the job will be done right.

Our project managers work closely with each job lead and check-in on the job during each phase of the painting process.  We do this to ensure that all preparation, primers and topcoats are addressed and applied correctly.  You will always have a LUND project manager’s phone number to call directly to answer all questions or concerns.

Additionally, we work closely with our local paint representatives and providers in order to answer any of our questions regarding making the best choices for our customers.  We continuously learn and adapt new techniques and technologies to improve our processes so our final product is the absolute best it can be.

We greatly respect that your home is a private place full of important belongings. Protecting everything in your home while keeping you comfortable and at ease during the project is extremely important to us.  All LUND Painting employees wear branded shirts and gear that say LUND Painting.  In front of your home will be a branded LUND Painting truck.  We do this so our customers always know who is working on your home.

Our Guarantee

We have a workmanship guarantee of two years.  The only surfaces that we do not guarantee are horizontal surfaces such as handrails or deck floors.


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