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Color Consultation

The most important decision you will make during your painting project is your color choice. Using tools such as color wheels, or websites/programs to view color options is a great place to start.  However, choosing a color with these tools alone will likely produce disappointing results.

Color clarity is the process of helping you choose not only the right color, but also the correct product and sheen for your project. Colors vary within each product line, sheen, and paint supply company.

While using a professional color consultant or interior designer can be useful, we believe that each person has a feel for/understands their own tastes and can choose colors for themselves without the added costly expense of hiring outside help.

We can’t tell you how many times our painters have had to repaint rooms and sometimes a complete house because a designer chose the colors and the client did not like them once applied to their home.  We work with our clients and professional paint supply companies to ensure our customers get a true look at the colors they will be putting on their home before any paint is applied.

Putting sample colors directly on your walls in squares or on the outside of your house creates a millage/thickness of paint difference which can show through and be seen after the final painting has been completed.  Although this method can give a general idea of the true color of paint, unless the paint is applied to a surface that is unpainted, the result will likely look quite different than the final product will.

We will send you the actual paint from a gallon can in the actual product and sheen on a thick drawdown sheet of paper so that you can view the colors in different lights and against each other while making your color decision.  This process gives you the truest view of what the proposed color will actually look on your wall. 

Most paint supply companies use color quart-sized samples which come in a cheap product that does not represent the actual product that you will be using on your project.  Also, many paint color formulas do not breakdown accurately into a quart-sized formula. So once the same color is mixed into its proper size container and applied, it will look different than the sample color.

Before spending time and money on repainting a wall or structure because the color did not turn out right, ask us for a sample on a drawdown.  This will provide you with the most accurate color sample available, as we always use the highest quality paint and apply it as we would in your home.

If you have an idea of the color that you would like, we can help you choose color samples based on what is currently popular and what color combinations have turned out nicely from the hundreds of other projects we’ve completed.


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