Passing along a message to Lund Painting


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Passing along a message to Lund Painting
Written By: Joe ~ 10/15/2020


I know the weather has been a little crazy and they are still painting away. But I just wanted to pass along a message to the Lund Painting Company about they’re employee Pedro. It is not very often now a days that you see employees really take pride in their work. Pedro is that Lund Painting Co. employee! He has done a great job and is making sure that it is done right, the first time with great attention to detail. I know the rain didn’t help with his progress but he has been very nice and patient with it.

With that said, I just thought Brian should know that he has a great employee setting a great example for his company. Even though I do not own this place I will be making sure that everyone in the neighborhood along with friends and families should hire Lund Painting-period!


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